Sugar cane crushing in the Center South of Brazil reaches 532.539 million tonnes


Unica – Sugar Cane Industry Union released the sugar cane crushing data for the 2012/2013 season in the Center-South region of Brazil until the second half of February. In total, the region processed 532 539 000 tons of cane, compared to 493.159 million tons from the previous season.

Sugar production increased 8.89%, from 31.304 million tons to 34.088 million tons. The production of hydrated ethanol fell 4.04%, from 13.076 billion liters to 12.548 billion liters between one season and another.

Also according to the report, the total ethanol production rose 3.99% – from 20.542 billion to 21.362 liters. The production of anhydrous closed the cumulative 2012/13 until the second half of February at 8.814 billion liters.