Russian sugar beet area to fall by 21% in 2013


Russia may reduce its beet planted area to 900,000 ha this year, a decrease of 21% compared with 2012, due to rising sugar production costs and world prices fall, the Russian Sugar Producers Union (Soyuzrossakhar) said.

This year, all Russian regions plan to cut their beet planted areas, in some parts of the country, the intention is to reduce the area by 25%. The main reason for the reduction is that basically growing beet has become less profitable than other crops.

Russia more than doubled its beet harvest in 2011 to 46.3 million tonnes and produced over 5 million tonnes of sugar from domestically harvested beet drastically reducing its need for imported raw sugar.

In 2012 beet planted area was 1.122 million hectares compared with 1.176 million hectares in 2011. Sugar output from domestically harvested beet in 2012 was about 250,000 tonnes less than in 2011. With information from Sugaronline News.