Mexico’s sugar industry going through crises


Mexico’s sugar industry, is going through a deep crisis with the fall in sugar prices in the world and oversupply and market saturation. The statement is from the president of the Agrarian Reform Commission of the Chamber of Deputies Griselda Mota Ocampo.

In an interview with La Prensa, Mota Ocampo said the government must take action to prevent a collapse of the domestic sugar industry, she said it should look for niches to place the surplus of the Mexican product and at the same time supporting the conversion of the infrastructure.

The situation for sugarcane farmers is also not good. According to Miguel Angel Sosa Guzman, leader in Puebla of the National Confederation of Rural Producers, the government is responsible for the difficult situation currently being experienced by those engaged in the cultivation of sugarcane.

“Mexico produces enough sugar to supply the domestic market and also has export surpluses, however, last year the government authorized a strong import. This policy is contrary to the interests of cane growers and industrialists, and that caused the cheapening of the product, which reduces profits of all involved in this industry to the extent that two mills have closed recently in Veracruz and others are going through a difficult situation, such as Calipan in the Tehuacan region, “he said.