Germany and France have fall in sugar production


The CGB – General Confederation of Beet Growers of France confirmed last week that the expected yield of sugar production in the country in 2013 were below average , that was a result of adverse weather conditions in the month of April that hindered the growth of the crop in the following months . The 2013 harvest yielded 32.9 million tons , compared to 33.1 million last year , a decrease in the average yield of 84 tonnes per hectare, which is below average for the past five years. The rains in October and early November caused some delays , but drier weather in the second half of November has helped speed the harvest . It predicted a sugar content of 17.65 %, which is below the average of 18 % in other years .

In Germany , wet weather reduced the acreage of sugar beet and consequently will reduce the production of sugar for the next year according to data WVZ – country Association of the Sugar Industry . According to a spokesman , the general crop conditions were satisfactory , but the bad weather earlier in the year affected the crop. The production of sugar beet in Germany will fall from 4.37 million tonnes in the previous crop to 3.58 million tonnes in 2013/14 . The sugar content also decreased from 18.22% to 17.73 % so far.