Ethanol production will grow faster than sugar, said OIA


Ethanol production will grow faster than sugar production in Brazil in the coming years. The information has just been released by a senior economist at the International Sugar Organization (ISO), Leonardo Bichara Rocha.

According to the expert, the production of renewable fuels is expected to grow 13.7% in the 2013/14 sugar cane season and 7.1% for the period 2014/15, while the forecast for increased sugar production in Brazil is slightly higher than 2%.

According to the ISO, the Brazilian ethanol production should rise from 23.4 billion liters observed in the 2012/13 crop to 26.6 billion liters in 2013/14. In the following t season – 2014/15 – production is expected to reach 28.5 billion liters, according to the entity.