Colombia expects to increase ethanol’s mixture volumes in gasoline from 10 to 15 %

The country’s production will be around 387 million liters of ethanol this year


According to data from Fedebiocombustibles – National Biofuels Federation of Colombia , the country will produce about 387 million liters of ethanol this year. Consequently , the industry hopes to increase the volume of mandatory ethanol blend in gasoline in Colombia , from 10% to 15 % by 2016 , especially when Ecopetrol put its new ethanol Plant in the Llanos Orientales in operation. Industry experts believe that the country is going to increase it’s production in 7.7 million liters of biofuel , which represents an increase of 2.02 % in total volume.

Units in operation

Four ethanol producing Units are operating in the country today , in the departments of Valle , Risaralda , Caldas and Cauca . To meet the needs of the ethanol market , the country has increased the area of cultivation of sugar cane on 2,000 hectares . In 2013 , the country planted 220,000 hectares of sugar cane.


In relation to biodiesel, in Colombia today have producing Plants in Cesar , Magdalena , Atlantico , Meta and Santander . Production is estimated at 480 000 tonnes of biodiesel per year.

The required volume of biodiesel in the blend is 10 % , but the policy does not apply to the entire country, and in Bogotá , for example, the mandatory blend is only 8 % . Biodiesel’s blend with diesel fuel is, on average, 9.2 % . According to data provided by the loca press, La Opinión , it is estimated that there will be an increase of about 5 % in the production of biodiesel this year and the surplus is above 500 thousand tons of biodiesel .